Audio: Live Call-In Webinar with Bob Bergen, Voice of Porky Pig

by Kevin Delaney

Thanks to all who attended & participated in our action-packed Webinar with the immensely talented Bob Bergen! It went outstandingly well, and we covered an array of great topics.

If you missed the session, or are dying to re-experience it, we’ve got the replay for you. (60 minutes)

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When Bob was five years old, he told his parents that he wanted to be Porky Pig when he grew up. His mother replied: “You can’t be Porky Pig. You’re Jewish!”

Bob Bergen - voice of Porky PigBob idolized cartoon-voice legend Mel Blanc — so much so that when he was a teenager he located Blanc’s phone number and called him. A recording of that call is available via Bob’s website.

Today, Bob’s childhood dream is a reality: He’s performed Porky’s voice in countless Looney Tunes productions for nearly twenty years.

But that’s not all, folks! Bob is also the voice of Speedy Gonzales, Tweety, Marvin the Martian, Luke Skywalker (in the Star Wars games) — and too many more to list here.

Soon you’ll hear Bob in Cartoon Network’s new animated series, The Looney Tunes Show!

Bob is a much sought-after voice acting teacher in Los Angeles, full of wisdom & insights about both the performance side and the business of VO.

In this hour-long Webinar, Bob takes us through his journey from his early years as a kid who loved catroons, to becoming one of the most respected voice actors in Hollywood.

We take live questions from listeners, and Bob spills the beans about all kinds of topics, including:

  • Why great acting is the foundation of great VO.
  • What makes an outstanding voiceover demo — and why you should regularly update yours.
  • Why newcomers should hold off on making a demo until they have serious training & experience under their belt.
  • The importance of specificity, both in acting and career choices.
  • Is it necessary to have an agent?
  • How Bob prepares for a character vs. a commercial audition.
  • Is it valuable to study with a variety of teachers & coaches?
  • Can a theater or other type of degree help you in voiceover?
  • The all-important role of confidence — why actors who lack it usually don’t succeed.
  • Does Bob do any special vocal exercises or warm-ups?
  • How to handle nervousness.
  • How to get started in VO, even if you don’t live in a major market.
  • What the future might hold for VO artists.
  • Voiceover Underoos!

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Michael Casper January 27, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Thanks for affording me the opportunity, but I just want to listen and learn tonight.

Tandra January 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Thank you Kevin for this free Webinar with Bob Bergen. I know it will be great!


Ed Hawthorne January 31, 2011 at 12:59 pm

I just finished your re-cast, WOW!!! Thank you! I listen to as many webinars as possible, this was the best one ever. Thanks again. I do appreciate your keeping me informed, you are a great resource for the industry.

Ed Hawthorne

Suzanne January 31, 2011 at 8:14 pm

I have listened to this at least three times since downloading the link, and I was on the LIVE webinar 😉 Have to say, this was a definite favorite of mine too! The opportunity for me to ask Bob Bergen a question live was beyond amazing! I also was able to receive further feedback as a result of your webinar. Thanks so much for your always on point pulse of what we want. You really do rule VONinja!

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