Archived Audio: Webinar Chat with Princess Rosalina’s Voice, Mercedes Rose

by Kevin Delaney

Thanks to everyone who tuned in & participated in our live Webinar Chat with Mercedes Rose! It was a very fun (and informative) session.

If you missed it, the archived audio is now available.

Mercedes is a professional powerhouse: she acts, hosts, is a model, performs stunts — oh yeah, she’s also an accomplished VO artist!

Video Game character Princess RosalinaAmong her many impressive credits, Mercedes is the voice of Princess Rosalina in the hugely popular video games Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy (1 & 2) for Nintendo Wii.

Mercedes produces & hosts the showbiz video blog “The Lazy Actor.” These videos are a great resource for anyone who wants to make acting their full-time profession.

Here’s the first video in the series, in which Mercedes explains the title:

Click here to watch more of Mercedes’ Lazy Actor videos.

In our Webinar, Mercedes and I talk about an issue that we all need to become experts in: Self-marketing. And of course, we take questions submitted by listeners! (41 minutes)

Click the right-arrow in the player above to listen to the audio
Click here to download the audio

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adam harrington September 18, 2010 at 2:19 am

Great work Kevin (and Mercedes)! Need to know stuff for the new age of VO. We’ll have to agree to disagree about the head shot used as a marketing tool for a voiceover artist though. 😉

You’ve really got something here Kevin. Your VO webinars could really catch on! I’m stoked to have had the chance to be involved. Keep ’em coming!

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