Audio: Breaking Through the “Wall of Shame”

by Kevin Delaney

In the last session of my online Voices With Character class, I had the participants do an exercise which I find extremely helpful to loosen up your creative mind.

It’s simple: Take a sentence — any sentence — and say it over and over, ten times. Each time, speak the same words, but don’t repeat yourself.

You can change the inflection, intonation, intention, emotion. You can do different accents, vary the pitch, raise or lower your volume, put the emphasis on different parts of the sentence, etc.

The only rule is that you cannot repeat yourself. Your variations don’t have to “make sense.”

After we did this exercise in class, I mentioned certain differences I’ve noticed between giving this assignment to kids versus adults. One of our participants, Lucas Schuneman, had some interesting comments of his own, based on his own experience teaching VO to young people.

Here’s the audio from the segment of class: (7 minutes)

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To one extent or another, we all have a “wall of shame” that we have to break through in order to reach and move our audience.

What are some of the ways that you access your childlike creativity when it’s time to perform?

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