Audio: Feeling the Fear (And Doing It Anyway)

by Kevin Delaney

In this excerpt from my live coaching Webinar for members of my Hollywood Hustle Habits program, I talk about the issue of fear, and how we often allow unfounded, irrational fears to hold us back in life: (5 minutes)

In what ways are you allowing your “fear of fear” to keep you from doing your best, and accomplishing what you want?

This segment is just a small sample from a 90-minute Webinar, in which we delved into many other ideas and issues — such as my “Go Where the Money Is” motto, and the difference between big fish thinking versus what I call the guppy mentality.

Hollywood Hustle HabitsWhen you sign up for Hollywood Hustle Habits, you’ll get instant access to the full recording of this Webinar, plus you can attend my next coaching/mentoring call, which will happen on Saturday, March 23, 2014.

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Brent Halfyard March 17, 2013 at 8:01 pm

Great advice Kevin! I’m experiencing a sort of ‘fear’ myself regarding cold calling production studios to pitch myself as a narrator. Which seems ridiculous as I write this, as I have a show on Investigation discovery (20 episodes) as the narrator – and it has been renewed!

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