Audio: Making Your VO Performances Your Own

by Kevin Delaney

Here’s a clip from my online Voices With Character class… I had asked the participants to name something we had covered in a previous session that they had found valuable, and one of them mentioned the principle of making your voiceover character reads your own.

I shared some thoughts on the topic: (2 minutes)

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As VO artists, the sheet of paper in front of us is both our ally, and our potential nemesis.

Great character voice acting often involves bringing things to a performance that aren’t written on the page. As actors, we must see ourselves as participants in the creative process, not merely readers who recite lines written by someone else.

I generally view the copy as a kind of a cheatsheet. It isn’t supposed to be there. I, the actor, happen to have the lines spelled out for me — but my character is moving, responding, and speaking organically in the moment.

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