Having Fun in Your Voiceover Performances

by Kevin Delaney

If you’ve attended my VO classes and Workouts — if I’ve ever coached you privately or directed you — you’ve no doubt heard me say: Have fun with it!

It’s my most potent bit of advice, and my #1 piece of direction.

It’s the foundation to my entire approach to VO, to acting, performance, and life in general.

If you’re not getting a kick out of doing what you’re doing, how on earth is a listener ever going to enjoy listening to you?

It all begins with you.

If you experience what you’re doing as a chore, if it’s “hard work,” then hearing you perform will likely be equally difficult.

When you enjoy what you’re doing, and allow yourself to have that kid-like fun with it, you open yourself up to a world of creative possibilities.

Your voice will cut through the noise, reach out through the speakers, and make a connection with me, your jaded (and distracted) listener.

As a teacher & coach, my primary task is to help VO artists learn how to “have fun with it.”

The hallmark of a VO newbie is that he or she is stiff, tight, worried about the outcome, second-guessing everything they do.

They’re too focused on doing it “right,” and not enough on having fun with it.

Before every audition or session, take time to physically loosen up. Do some deep breathing. Get into a relaxed, energetic, positive frame of mind.

When you’re in front of the mic, forget about “doing voiceover.” You’re not here to be Mr.-or-Ms. Microphone.

You’re here to talk to me, reach me, and stir my emotions.

So be real. Chat with me. Tell me a story. Tell me something good.

Oh, and always remember to have fun with it. It really does make all the difference.

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