Hear Me as Edna Mode in Disney Infinity

by Kevin Delaney

I play the voice of Edna Mode (cantankerous fashion designer to the superheroes from The Incredibles) in the just-released video game Disney Infinity.

Listen to a short clip:

The game is a mashup of many of the Disney/Pixar movie characters from recent years: Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., etc.

In the section featuring The Incredibles, Edna pops up continuously to berate the player — er, I mean to offer helpful suggestions & advice!

Edna was voiced in the original movie by its director, Brad Bird. Some time after the film was released, I voiced Edna in a Disney on Ice show starring The Incredibles.

Disney Infinity is a very fun, imaginative game, and it’s getting a lot of great feedback and reviews. I’m honored to be a part of it.

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