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Ed Victor & Kevin Delaney — Archived Video Chat, Part One

by Kevin Delaney

Thanks to everyone who attended my live Video Chat with Ed Victor (a.k.a. “The Big Gun”)!

We answered many questions, and talked about a topic that’s near & dear to me: Rebooting your career and making the move to Los Angeles.

Watch Part One of the Video Chat:

Click here for Part Two of the Video Chat…

Ed Victor is nothing less than a VO powerhouse. You’ve heard him in commercials & other projects for AARP, AC Delco, Amtrak, Buick, Coors, Chevrolet, DHL, Dodge, DreamWorks . . . and these cover only the first four letters of the alphabet!

Ed moderates the Working Voice Actor Group on LinkedIn. He also produces Straight Shootin’ with Ed Victor, a series of Webisodes on various aspects of VO.

Up until now, Ed has been based in Miami. He recently packed up his gear and has headed out West — to the land of swimming pools, movie stars, and multimillionaire voiceover artists!

What made Ed decide to relocate his business to Tinseltown? Aren’t ISDN & Source Connect supposed to prevent VO artists from having to do this?

In this video segment, Ed reveals some of the reasons for his move. It’s a fun, freewheeling discussion you shouldn’t miss. More segments are coming soon!

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