Looking Ahead to an Outstanding New Year

by Kevin Delaney

As we begin a brand-new year, take a moment and reflect on what you’re most proud to have accomplished and experienced over the past 12 months.

When people come up with New Year’s resolutions, they often focus on the things they want to change or improve about themselves — what they feel they’re not doing right.

It’s fine to want to fix what isn’t working, but I’ve found it’s much more important to determine what’s going well in your life, and to build on your successes.

This past year has been an extremely exciting for me. I’ve accomplished a number of personal and professional goals. I’ve made new friends, and become involved in many enjoyable projects.

Mostly though, I’ve had a lot of fun. To me, that’s at least as important as anything else.

Ask yourself: What do I enjoy most about my life? What am I doing that I get the biggest kick out of?

Then ask: What can I do in the new year to keep that excitement alive, and keep the momentum moving forward?

In my Webinars and classes, you’ve heard me constantly urging people to have fun with whatever they’re doing. This applies to your performances, your auditions, your marketing, your business, your career, and your life in general.

If your time spent alive in the universe isn’t an exciting adventure, what exactly is it?

Here’s to a passionate, productive, thrilling and fun new year!

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