Video: NFL Newlywed Game TV Spot

by Kevin Delaney

Here’s a TV spot for The NFL Network that I VO’ed — a spoof of the 1970’s Newlywed Game, with football players as contestants:

The commercial, which is actually the first in a series, was created by digitally inserting modern-day NFL players into footage of the old game show.

When I went in for the session, the producers showed me a preliminary version in which the “morphing” was not yet fully rendered. It was one of those moments where I wondered whether they’d be able to pull it off…

When I saw the final spot, I was amazed at how seamless the footage looks. The campaign got quite a bit of attention, and even received a write-up in The New York Times.

This commercial is a good example of one of my “retro” announcer voices — a speciality of mine, which I’ve created a special website for:

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