Video: Why Are So Many VO Castings Only For L.A.-Based Talent?

by Kevin Delaney

Here’s the second installment from my live Video Chat with Ed Victor (a.k.a. “The Big Gun”), in which Ed & I continue our talk about Ed’s reasons for relocating to Los Angeles:

In this segment, we answer a question from a viewer: Why are so many castings that take place in Los Angeles not open to artists from outside the area?

In theory, it shouldn’t matter where a talent is located — or where a client is based, for that matter. Today, thanks to technology, remote recording is widespread and common.

Yet many of the auditions that I do are only available to folks who live in or near Los Angeles. In fact, much of the time for both the audition and subsequent recording sessions, the expectation is that talent will be able to show up at a specific location, and be directed in person.

Ed & I tell it like it is! If you missed Part One of the Video Chat, click here.

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