These folks love Voiceover Ninja!

Elizabeth Sung - Voiceover ArtistI have taken many VO workshops. Kevin’s classes stand out to me, and I keep coming back because he is extremely knowledgeable, and his comments are always simple but succinct. Like a neurosurgeon, his sparse and incredibly lean adjustments transform and elevate your reads to a professional level.

I highly recommend Kevin’s class. He not only makes the experience fun, but without your knowing, he will open that door where you may find yourself able to audition as a “pro” in no time ­— so watch out!

Elizabeth Sung

Michelle Blenker - Voiceover ArtistThanks so much for a wonderful and insightful Voiceover Workout! I really enjoyed the constructive feedback, which I am already employing on my auditions. I just downloaded the recording of the session and can’t wait to review it for all the benefits you gave.

Michelle Blenker

Howard Ellison - U.K.-based Voiceover ArtistSo great to find someone who’s a star performer AND exceptionally skilled as a coach. I loved the inspirational workout, the friendly group. And an mp3 of the session is with me here in England while I am still on a high! Big thanks to you, Kevin.

Howard Ellison

Jen PageKevin — I’ve trained with three voice coaches, but you are the only one whose name I’ve passed along time and time again with no hesitation. Every person I’ve ever sent your way has always come back and thanked me. If you wrote a book, I’d totally buy it!

Jen Page

Jessika VanI absolutely loved Kevin’s voice-over workout. It was a safe, fun atmosphere where I could find and develop my strengths, as well as try new voices. Kevin is a wonderful teacher: direct, but supportive, and clear with his adjustments. He has a world of experience under his belt, and I would highly recommend his workouts to students of every level.

Jessika Van

Kevin has tremendous experience as a working VO actor, and he has a talent in finding your niche and giving you copy that brings out your best qualities. I immediately felt comfortable under his direction. In just a couple of classes he helped me gain the confidence and clarity about what I can do with my voice in the very competitive VO industry. He is patient and intelligent in his directing and teaching.

Peter ArpesellaKevin’s direction was fantastic when I worked with him to make my VO demo, which I am still using successfully. He is also extremely supportive when I go to him with work or industry related questions, he is generous, and thanks to the work done with Kevin I signed with my first VO agent. I am now a working VO actor, with one of the best agencies in town. Thank you Kevin.

Peter Arpesella

I took a series of voiceover classes with Kevin Delaney, and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Kevin is unbelievably positive and really helped me understand some important things about voiceover.

Fran TunnoOne of the best things about Kevin is he loves his job. He truly loves doing voiceovers and has jumped in, head first, to become involved in everything voiceover related; from doing fabulous VO himself, to teaching others. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Fran Tunno

Kevin MarronI trained with Kevin in Hollywood and found his knowledge and experience of the VO industry to be of the highest order. He is so open and approachable and has a great teaching manner. He gets my gold seal of approval!

Kevin Marron

Kevin and I worked on a video game together (Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun) and I was lucky enough to come into the studio a little early and catch him at work. I knew watching and listening to how skilled and talented he was that I had to take one of his seminars.

Serena LorienKevin is so enthusiastic about the art of voiceover and great fun to work with. He creates a safe and supportive place to practice and hone your craft. He gives you a ton of insightful tips that not only make sense, but are simple enough to be able to put them into your performances straight away.

Serena Lorien

Rodger JohnsonKevin Delaney’s private sessions are phenomenal. No holds barred, and straight to the point. Kevin gave me the feedback I needed to hear to help expand my creative horizons, and help break me out of my habits on each script. In addition, he gave deep insight on things to pick up on between the lines of each script. Each script’s voice over got better each time.

Rodger Johnson
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Marcy MintonI took Kevin’s class in Burbank, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into voiceover or hone their technique. Kevin picks a great variety of material and really knows what it takes to create a standout audition. He works with you to find your strengths and the ways in which you can improve and rise to the next level. Also, he is patient, funny, and his class is really fun!

Marcy Minton

Dan LarkinAs a broadcast professional with over 25 years of experience behind the microphone, I enrolled in one of Kevin Delaney’s weekend commercial voiceover workshops with a heavy dose of skepticism. I was genuinely surprised and completely satisfied with the coaching, instruction and tips I received that day.

Kevin has a friendly, professional style that makes it easy to trust him and to learn from him. I left the workshop with a whole new set of skills and techniques that I was able to immediately incorporate into my voice work.

Dan Larkin
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Sally ElphickKevin is a great teacher. He has a fun and friendly attitude, making the learning experience easy and unintimidating. Kevin’s methods prepared me for what to expect when auditioning and working in this highly competitive voiceover industry.

Sally Elphick

Jodi KrangleI took a Skype course with Kevin, and aside from enjoying myself immensely due to his easy-going and fun teaching style, I also learned a great deal. Every lesson would leave me with lots of things to think about and experiment with on my own — tools I’m still using to this day in my voice acting career. I highly recommend Kevin as a teacher.

Jodi Krangle

Jon ThomasKevin Delaney IS voiceover! Not only have his classes and workshops at given me the tools I need to be successful in this industry, he produced my commercial demo, which continues to get my foot in doors all across the country.

Jon Thomas Profile

As a movie producer, I need to know all aspects of filmmaking, so I took a series of classes with Kevin at MJ Productions in Burbank. He worked intensively with each of the students, and at the end of each class we left with copies of our work from the sound booth to study what worked and what didn’t. Each week was fresh and different material.

Dave GistI have since done dozens of voiceover jobs, including a series of Books on Tape of classical books (Faulkner, Hemmingway, Jack London and more) for a studio in Glendora.

I’m a movie producer, but due to my training with Kevin I keep getting VO work because of the timber, diction, and pacing he taught me. He is a fine teacher and I recommend taking classes with him to anyone.

Dave Gist

Christine SherwoodHaving taken Kevin’s voiceover class twice now, I have not only increased my knowledge of the process but have learned value in ‘variety.’ This has lead to VO work for myself and I am confident that there will be even more work for me in the future.

Christine Sherwood

Joe AugustinAs a voice professional for close to 20 years, I was looking for a mentor to help raise my game. Kevin delivered with both useful advice and uplifting encouragement.

Joe Augustin
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Henrietta MeireKevin’s teaching is full of energy and positivity. I’ve worked with other coaches and left feeling deflated and exhausted, but Kevin pushes you in a way where you’re experimenting with different aspects of your range on each new try, and never feel like you’ve done a bad job. After a class with Kevin, I leave feeling elated and ready to take on whatever challenge the voice-over world throws at me!

Henrietta Meire

Deborah Marlowe
Kevin Delaney is a wonderful and, most importantly, practical VO teacher and coach. He provides real industry knowledge and experience, yet still keeps the learning and growth FUN!

Deborah Marlowe

Larry DavisI highly recommend Kevin’s teaching style. He gives top notch direction, knows the art of voice acting, and makes sure everyone has fun!

Larry Davis

Julie NagodeKevin’s insight in voiceover is extraordinary. He is extremely informed and he knows how to reach/help his students with ease and in a positive way. When I asked for extra assistance on a personal project, Kevin was there with kind words and a strategic plan for improvements that made the project so much better. Kevin really cares about voiceover and all that it entails.

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Karen MerrittKevin Delaney is an extremely gifted and motivational instructor. I took Kevin’s Voiceover Intensive and Character Voiceover workshops, and was very pleased with his inspiring, yet straight-shooting style of teaching. I had taken time off from my career; I was feeling very rusty. Kevin brought out the best in me at the workshops, and I left feeling ready to re-enter the market.

Karen Merritt

Quinn KitmittoLast year I was lucky enough to take Kevin’s Intro to Voiceover class. I had worked previously doing voices, but took a 13 year break! I was feeling very rusty and knew I needed to brush up, but was not excited to enroll in another class that I would walk away from saying “now what?”

A good friend of mine recommended that I study with Kevin, and for this I am truly grateful. In the past I have had very few coaches that I would recommend or even take a class with again. Performing in Kevin’s classes and hearing his truthful feedback has made me a better voice actor.

I was recently hired to do the voice of Alexis, a Liv World doll. Kevin taught me the skills I needed to book the job, not just audition.

Quinn Kitmitto

Michelle CelestinoKevin Delaney’s instruction is precise, knowledgeable, and instrumental for every arena of voice-over work. He has a way of relaying information about the business and the craft that mesmerizes and keeps you wanting to know more. Kevin is definitely the ‘Go-To Guy’ for anyone who wants to break into voiceover. He is phenomenal at explaining and inspiring. It’s exhilarating learning from the Voiceover Ninja himself!

Michelle Celestino

I had the privilege to attend one of Kevin’s VO workouts in Pittsburgh, and I learned a lot! Kevin has a good knowledge of the industry and knows what works and what doesn’t. His professionalism is much appreciated to those of us learning the ropes, and he makes it fun in the process. I look forward to learning from Kevin again soon.

Nate Collins