Who Should Sign Up for Voiceover Demo Domination?

by Kevin Delaney

My Voiceover Demo Domination course is back — and it’s better than ever!

This Sunday (1/27), we kick off our new series of live Webinars with an in-depth discussion with Steve Reisberg, booth director & “gatekeeper” at the TGMD Agency in Los Angeles.

We’ve also got Webinars scheduled with my own voiceover agent (Ilko Drozdoski), as well as my demo co-producer/engineer Pat Torres!

Who should register for this program? A few categories of VO artists come to mind…

1. You’re relatively new to VO, and want to get a sense of what demos, marketing and self-promotion is all about. If you haven’t yet made a demo, that’s OK. In fact, you might be the best position of all.

By participating in the course, you’ll get a better idea of what to do when you’re ready to make your demo. I’ll help to prepare you so you can make your time in the studio as valuable as possible, and create a package that promotes you to the utmost.

2. You have a commercial voiceover demo that you’re not entirely satisfied with, and want to know what you can do to make it better. This course is filled with stimulating ideas — you can share your demos in our private LinkedIn group, and get feedback from me and others in the group.

Joining Voiceover Demo Domination connects you with a community of likeminded professionals. Everyone is focused on being as supportive and helpful as possible, while at the same time giving brutally honest feedback. We pull no punches about what we hear!

3. You’re a VO pro who’s looking to further refine your marketing, and gain some new insights about reaching and winning over the right people. Part of our 2.0 course includes a discussion about what I’ve learned about voiceover landing pages — how to use simple, to-the-point websites to put one specific angle of your talent across fast.

In this edition of the program, in addition to examining commercial demos, we also venture into the area of creating powerful specialty demos.

In short, just about everybody who is involved in voiceover, or is looking to become established in VO, will get a lot out of this program. I personally guarantee that you will find this experience highly valuable — if you don’t agree, I’ll give you your money back.

As voiceover artists, demos are a constant part of our marketing lives. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, or where you happen to be right now along the continuum of success, you can’t afford not to understand how demos work, and how to use them to your maximum advantage.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to seven previously recorded Webinars, with myself and special industry guests. You’ll also receive a link to watch my tutorial video about creating killer VO landing pages, and you’ll be eligible to join our private LinkedIn group.

Enrollment in Voiceover Demo Domination is just $99 — to register, visit www.VODemoDomination.com

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